Mettle SL Series SL-240E RGBWW On Camera LED Video Light

The Mettle Series lineup is expanding its family of lights that can be controlled with the Mettle APP for iOS and Android. Now included in the SL Series is the new Mettle SL 240E RGBWW On Camera LED Video Light. This small and compact lighting instrument can be used for high-output single source portable on camera lighting, or add fill or accent lighting mounted to a light stand. The Mettle Series RGBWW On-Camera Light has the same rich set of features found with other Mettle fixtures, and can be controlled individually or in groups of other Mettle lights using the Mettle APP for iOS and Android.

The SL-240E measures 7″ by 5″ and is equipped with 84 color changing, full-spectrum SMD LEDs, as well as 160 variable CCT white SMD LEDs. The SL-240E consumes 15W of power with an output of up to 419 lux at 1 meter.

The SL-240E RGBWW On-Camera have a single NP-F battery plate as well as a digital display. Also featured is a 1/4-20 threaded mounting point at the bottom of the hot shoe mount which allows the light to be mounted to a threaded light stand or atop of your camera.

The SL-240E RGBWW ON-Camera Light can be operated in variable CCT or “bicolor” mode for adjustable white, or in full-spectrum RGB mode to add color to any scene. In addition, each light comes equipped with a wide variety of special effects built in that can be controlled in the light or via the Mettle APP. Special effects include: paparazzi, fireworks, bonfire, police car, strobe, and more.

SL-240E fixtures include gel presets, so you can quickly and easily set the color or color temperature that’s right for your scene. All gels are also available within the Mettle APP.

App Remote Control

Full control of your Mettle Series On Camera LED video light. Using the new Mettle APP available for iOS and Android, you can control your light or groups of lights simultaneously. Control dimmer, CCT, RGB, HSI, special effects and more right from your phone or tablet.


0% – 100% Dimming

SL-240E Series On Camera LED video lights can be manually dimmed via the onboard control knobs for quick and easy light adjustment. Smoothly increase or decrease your light output from full output to total blackout with zero dimmer stepping.


Optional Battery Power

Maximum portability. All Mettle on camera LED video lights include an NP-F battery plate so that your lights can easily be used on location. (Batteries and charger sold separately.)


Variable Color Temperature

Adjust the color temperature from 2800K – 8000K to match other light sources or ambient light in your shooting environment. Match subject skin tone easily and quickly without the need for color correction filters


Full Spectrum RGB

Add full color spectrum RGB to your lighting kit. Millions of color options available with RGB, HSI, CIE and more. Preset color gel presets allows for quick color settings based on popular color gel options. Create dramatic lighting designs with bright, rich color output. Control RGB color manually, via Mettle APP.


Special Effects

SL-240E on camera LED video lights feature special effects including strobe, flash, pulse, color chase, fireworks, police car, paparazzi, and more. Effects can be adjusted and customized to get the perfect look for your scene. Effects can be controlled manually, via Mettle APP. (Color effects only available on RGB models)


Soft Diffusion Built In

SL-240E on camera LED video lights include soft diffusion filters built in, giving you an incredibly soft wash of light right out of the box.


In the Box

  • Mettle SL-240E RGBWW On Camera LED Video Light
  • Cold shoe mount with 1/4-20 threaded receiver
  • Built in Diffusion Filter
  • AC Power Adapter
  • NP-F Battery Plate (Batteries and charger sold separately)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty









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